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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hear you play before I decide to use harp at my wedding or event?

Yes! See my Listen page for listening samples.

How far in advance can I book you?
I generally accept bookings up to 12 months in advance. Most weddings are booked 4 to 6 months in advance.

Do you perform with other musicians?
Yes! I can put together any size ensemble; please contact me for more information. 

Do you take breaks during events?
I do not take breaks during wedding ceremonies or any event that is up to one hour in length. For events longer than one hour I take a ten minute break every hour.

Do you take requests that are not on your list?
Absolutely! If the song is not in my repertoire, I will see if the music is available and adaptable for the harp. In some cases, there may be an additional charge for the purchase and transcription of extra songs.

To what other occasions does the harp lend itself?
The harp is a beautiful addition for cocktail hours, intimate dinners, bridal showers, afternoon teas, and receptions.

Do you have any references?
Yes! Check out my Testimonials on Wedding Wire. 

Questions regarding sound and amplification:

How loud is the harp? Will it be heard at my event? Will it be too loud for conversations to be heard?
The harp is generally loud enough to carry in most homes, churches, and public spaces. The harp on its own is never overpowering, which makes it perfect for background music.

Can the harp be amplified if it is needed?
If your group or the space is exceptionally large, my harp can be easily amplified using my own portable amplifier. My harp is also equipped to be plugged into most any existing PA system.

Questions regarding performance locations:

Will the harp fit in my event location? How much space is needed?
Harps fit easily at most event sites. A space that is approximately 4x5 feet is needed in order to perform comfortably.

What types of locations work for the harp? How difficult is the harp to move to the site?
The harp is heavy and an awkward shape, which calls for certain requirements with regard to location. In general, any location that is wheelchair accessible will work. If there are more than a few steps or a staircase, or a long distance from the loading area to the event site, assistance will need to be provided. There may be an extra cartage fee if the performance location is difficult to access.

My event is outdoors; will you still play?

Yes, under certain conditions. The harp is a very delicate instrument, and therefore needs to be protected from the elements. Harps can be used outdoors, but only under these specific conditions:

  • The harp must be protected from the elements (no rain, drizzle, or mist).

  • Weather must be temperate. Extreme heat can damage the harp, and extreme cold makes for stiff fingers!

  • There must not be strong or gusting winds as the harp or music stand could blow over.

  • The harp needs to be on a dry, level, flat, hard surface. The harp will not be placed on grass or any unpaved surface. If a paved surface is unavailable, a 4'x6' sheet of plywood may be provided.

  • If it begins to rain during any event I will immediately cover my instrument and move to a covered area. I also require a back-up plan for outdoor events. If there is no plan for inclement weather and weather conditions make playing outdoors impossible, I will not perform (the full balance of the contract is still due).

Will you play outdoors year-round?
Due to unpredictable weather, no outdoor bookings are accepted from November through February.

Questions regarding weddings:

Where can I use the harp in my wedding?
The standard wedding ceremony includes 30 minutes of prelude music as guests are arriving, the processional, any music for an interlude or unity candle lighting, and the recessional.

How many pieces do I need to select for my wedding ceremony?
You will want to select a processional for your wedding party, a processional and a recessional. You may also want to choose special songs for the unity candle, a musical interlude or the seating of the mothers. All prelude music will be chosen by the performer unless songs from the repertoire list are requested.

My wedding ceremony will not last a full hour. Do you still charge the same amount?
All ceremonies that last one hour or less are charged at the same rate. The performance time represents only a small portion of the actual time commitment. Even with a short ceremony, there is a significant amount of time that goes into musical preparation, including transporting the harp, set-up, and strike. 

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